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  current students
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Research Professors

  Research Professor (2019/09~)
  Dr. Dayakar is studying about Electrochemical sensor to detect Heavy metal ions in the aquatic environment.
Dayakar Thatikayalar
  Research Professor (2021/11~)


  Tabish is working on the development of a sustainable bioresource recovery platform using low-valued waste to boost bio(circular) economy.

Md Tabish Noori


Master students

Master's Degree Student (2020/03~)
Huong is working on development of novel reactor and electrode for high rate methane converstion in integrated MEC-AD process.
Nguyen Thi Thu Huong
Master's Degree Student (2021/11~)
Minji is developing green routes for synthesizing conductive polymer based electrode materials for environmental bioelectrochemical applications.
Minji Park
  Master's Degree Student (2022/03~)
  Bu is currently working on the development of synthetic hydrogenase mimicking nanomaterials for biohydrogen production in MEC.
Bu Qing


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